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C4 Veterinary Hospital offers pet parents access to a wide range of the latest diagnostic tools available in veterinary medicine. The use of ultrasound in diagnosing disease and injuries in animals is becoming more prevalent in today’s veterinary medicine practice.

Ultrasound is an extremely useful non-invasive diagnostic instrument that produces clear, easy to read images that are more detailed than an x-ray. It helps our veterinarian locate tumors, check organ function, detect fluid collections, and of course evaluate pregnancies. In those instances where a physical exam and lab work simply aren’t enough to effectively assess your pet’s condition, an ultrasound allows us to look inside your pet’s body and evaluate the situation. Images can be analyzed by our doctor in real-time or shared electronically with specialists, if necessary.

C4 Veterinary Hospital provides ultrasound and other in-clinic diagnostic services to pets in Longview, Gilmer, Pinetree, White Oak, Kilgore, and other nearby communities.